Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Above the Abyss

Having an art show at the South Coast Plaza at the Surfing Heritage Museum and Gift Store on April 3rd, from 1-4pm... come say hi!


  1. Hello,
    I plan on coming by this weekend, love your work. Cheers!
    John Culqui

  2. hey skye, funny story: I was actually in Surfing Heritage about 2 1/2 half hours before your show was about to start for a meet and greet with Randy (im a new employee); however, when I was inside I was able to view some of your pieces...(love at first sight)might I add. So I went home, checked out your website and fell in complete love with "uncertain". Its as if you Illustrated an exact emotion I had fealt momentous amount of times....and a feeling I onnce thought was indescribable. All-in-all, I thought I'd share this with you; because as an artist myself, I personally feel the most Gratified when ANOTHER PERSON, other than myself...feels a Direct Connection with My Piece in their First Encounter.

    -Seferina Starks

  3. Hello,
    Went by this weekend, nice work man, very cool to see them in person. Cheers!